Yes, John Dillinger was unarmed when he was shot and killed by the FBI. This is a secret the FBI has kept locked up in files for sixty-seven years, until the Freedom of Information Act was released. Ok, as some of you probably already know the so-called gun found on John Dillinger is not listed among items in the coroner's Inquest no. 160747, office file no.268. Why? Because there was NO gun found on Dillinger.

The gun that was supposely taken from Dillinger's body is on display at the FBI building in Washington. It is a .38 Colt automatic... Serial number 119702. When the gun was traced through Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company, it shows that the weapon was sold for the first time to the L. H. Kurz company of Des Moines, Iowa on December 19, 1934 -- five months after Dillinger's death.

When questioned J. Edgar Hoover responded that he gave Dillinger's gun to Red Skelton as a gift. If this is true...the gun has since disapeared from the face of the earth. There is only one logical answer why the weapon has mysteriously disapeared, because John Dillinger was unarmed when shot in the back and killed by FBI on July 22, 1934.

To further prove that Dillinger had no gun on him...Polly Hamilton also states in FBI reports that she didn't think he was John Dillinger because he never carried a gun. Anna Sage also stated that Dillinger didn't have a weapon on him the night he was killed, but later (after talking with FBI agent Sam Cowley) changed her story...to "Dillinger was carrying a gun."

Actually both women knew Dillinger was unarmed when killed. The truth is...Dillinger felt comfortable with his new face and credentials. He felt confident enough to walk the streets of Chicago freely without carrying a weapon.  


At 10:30 p.m., John Dillinger, along with his two female companions came walking arm in arm together.  They walked out of the theater and turned to the left (South). As they continued walking past the first doorway, Agent Purvis was standing...waiting, Purvis attempted to light lit a cigar as a signal for the other men to close in.

 John Dillinger had no clue to what was about to happen...his end was near. His next thirty steps would be his last...he had 20 seconds to live. Imformant Anna Sage let go out Dillinger's arm and fell behind as planned. On Dillinger's other arm, his girlfriend Polly Hamilton looked over her shoulder wondering what happened to Anna...instead she spotted three armed men quickly moving forward towards them.

She elbowed Dillinger in the ribs and said, "Those men have guns."  John Dillinger quickly realized what was happening and acted by instinct. The FBI claimed Dillinger grabbed a pistol from his right trouser pocket as he ran toward the alley. Five shots were fired from the guns of three FBI Agents (But Dillinger was unarmed).

Three of the shots hit John Dillinger and he fell face down on the pavement. At 10:50 p.m. on July 22, 1934, John Dillinger was pronounced dead in a little room at Alexian Brothers Hospital.

Of the 24 FBI Agents closed in on John Dillinger...Charles B. Winstead, Clarence O. Hurt, and Herman E. Hollis fired at the outlaw. Each of these men were commended by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover for "fearlessness and courageous actions."  Charles Winstead was the man who actually killed John Dillinger. 

Over twenty-seven people would be convicted in Federal courts on charges of harboring, aiding, and abetting John Dillinger and associate gang members. John Dillinger was buried in Crown Point Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Next to die would be Dillinger's right hand man Homer Van Meter. He was shot 27 times on August 23, 1934 by St. Paul Police a month after John Dillinger met his fate.

On November 27, 1934, following the death of Homer Van Meter, gang member Baby Face Nelson was also fatally wounded on  in a gun battle with Special Agents Cowley and Hollis. They were both killed by Nelson.






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